How Well Do You Know Your Travel Insurance Policy?

By Team InsureBC on March, 9 2020


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Other than the trees changing colors, one of the best things about Fall being upon us is that we can start plan next year’s holidays. Unless of course you still have some vacation days to use up before the end of the year, at which time you’re either looking at snow destinations over the holidays or perhaps a week at an all-inclusive in Mexico in November.

Regardless of where your travels may take you, most travelers begin their planning process with a list of items that usually starts with booking flights and accommodation followed by making any tour & activities reservations and even booking some of their favourite restaurants in advance. Those are the fun things!

But what about your travel insurance?

Those who actually think about buying travel insurance before their trip often don’t fully understand what it is that they are actually buying. Truthfully, when is the last time most of us read the fine print on anything insurance-related?

Reading (and even studying) your travel insurance policy prevents you from making any wrongful assumptions about specific coverage details or any of the benefits associated with the policy. This way, you know and understand exactly what you’re covered for, and what is not included in your policy.


Did you know?

According to the Travel Health Insurance Association, nearly 50% of all Canadian travelers have never actually reviewed the Travel policies they have purchased. That means that one in two Canadian travelers may not be aware of some of the reasons why their travel insurance claim could be denied, as indicated by TuGo, the official Travel Insurance provider for InsureBC.

If you’re not sure of what exactly your travel policy covers, ask one of our licensed experts and they will gladly give you a walk-through of your policy.